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Located at the Centre of the town, SRIGURUKULA VIDYALAYAM, which came into existence in 2003, is a place to focus, solidify and add quality, variety and scope to students lives. It is a place for warmth and friendship and working together.
Our management, principal and teachers are committed in helping each individual student to become the best.
‘The light of knowledge is the light of life’. A keen desire of learning, our school provides ample opportunities for our students to blossom into well groomed personalities with a fine balance of intellectual, emotional and spiritual coefficient.

Our Team Members

Director Sir

Director’s message

Dear All,
Greetings from Sri Gurukula Vidyalayam.

I Strongly believe that the education of today has to prepare our children to deal with the unforeseen of tomorrow. The goals of education are to teach for understanding to help students learn to use knowledge to solve unexpected problems rather than simply recite back facts .


Having vast experience and exposure to education and philosophy, while thinking to start a school, I was wondering what would make an expert school an excellent one. The answer I found was the quality of the mindset of the management. Expertise is about qualification and experience. Excellence is about quality of mind and awareness. Professional excellence is a result of developing a quality mind through constant awareness.

Innately, all students have potential to excel; but most never get an opportunity to pursue
quality education. During my years as a teacher, enabling thousands of students with varied socio-economic backgrounds, for choosing different career paths, I could notice the lacunae in our educational system, due to which only 15% of the graduates are found employable by the industry recruiters. From then on, I have dreamt of establishing an educational institute which provides academic education and skills training in equal measure, to ensure a successful career to the students.

Sri Gurukula Vidyalayam is all set to re-write the destiny of the enrolling students.

I welcome you to Sri Gurukula Vidyalayam. The journey of excellence begins everyday with a new awakening and newer insight that enriches the mind. Come. let’s begin.

Best wishes and Good Luck..


Correspondent Message

Mr. K.Ashoka Vardhana, Correspondent of Sri Gurukula Vidyalayam is a well known name in the field of education. He is known to create ‘Never Before’ benchmarks as he focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success and provide an excellent platform for the preparation of competitive exams and board level education.


M.Sc.,MA.,M.Ed., PG.D. in Functional English